Results Matter; Leadership Counts®

When we ask people about the attributes of the “ideal” leader—the type of leader people want to follow, we hear many things before eventually hearing, “Makes the numbers” or “Achieves results.” What we have learned is that: Results matter; leadership counts. Successful organizations know this and promote leaders who create the environment where other people can be successful—leaders who create followership by:

1. Being Trustworthy

Will this person do what they say they will? Are they honest? Are they competent?

2. Demonstrating Courage
Does this person say what needs to be said to those who need to hear it? Do they stand up for what they believe in?

3. Prioritizing their Time
Is this person managing their time effectively? Are they spending quality time with me and the team? Are they running the business while building the business?

4. Holding People Accountable
Does this person deal effectively with performance issues? Does this person establish consequences?

5. Demonstrating Humility
Is this person willing to admit his/her mistakes? Does this person ask for, listen to and act on feedback?

6. Trusting and Respecting Others
Does this person have confidence in me to do my job (or am I being micromanaged)? Do they value my personal time?

7. Understanding their Impact on Others
Does this person know how his/her behavior affects others’ ability to do their jobs?

There are many attributes of excellent leaders not listed here, however, if you “live” the above attributes, you will go a long way toward inspiring your people to follow you, perform, and achieve strategic results.

How do you measure your ability to create “followership?” What mechanism is in place for you to get the feedback you need to assess other aspects of your leadership effectiveness?

Until next time, remember — Results matter; leadership counts.

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