Peak Performance for Your Organization

Creating the environment for and achieving peak performance is the single most important role of a leader. Leaders who develop future leaders, lead high-performance teams, and sustain a positive organizational culture also ensure employees are mentally and emotionally engaged in the success of the organization.

The evidence is as clear as it is compelling: peak performance within your organization is built on and sustained by effective leadership.

In order to create peak performance in others, a leader needs to understand what he must do to create peak performance for himself. He needs to stay very aware of his performance so that he can be a role model for all of those things he expects of others. Nothing will break down the culture of an organization faster than a leader who says one thing and does another. A leader who wants to create peak performance must constantly take inventory of his influence and do whatever is necessary to maintain an ideal leadership condition – physically, emotionally and mentally. It is only when the leader is in prime shape that he has the credibility and the resourcefulness to develop great leaders and teams.

The best way to create peak performance in your organization:

1) Understand your impact

2) Build high-performing teams

3) Coach and mentor people for success

4) Ensure a culture of accountability so great people don’t leave and poor performers don’t stay

5) Know the organizational culture you want to sustain and sustain it

6) Consistently focus on innovative approaches to add value to your customers

7) Celebrate and share success with the entire organization- everyone plays a role in making the brand a winner!

What are your key “peak performance” habits?

How do you know when you are stimulating or hindering peak performance?

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