Don’t Let Fatigue Drain Your Executive Vitality

How to Avoid Letting your Executive Vitality be Drained by Fatigue

Executive Vitality is an executive’s exuberance, mental vigor, capacity for meaning or purpose, and power to grow. All these critical leadership characteristics are diminished by the fatal vitality drain—fatigue. Recently, I read a great piece by Tony Schwartz entitled, “Fatigue Is Your Enemy,” (see link at bottom).  In this blog Tony states, “In fact, it’s…

Credible Leadership Provides Intense Alignment and Guardrails

The link below will take you to a New York Times interview with the president and CEO of Hilton Worldwide. What I found of particular interest and value were his comments on culture and the importance to an organization of alignment, values, and clear priorities.  If you have been involved in any of EXCN’s Strategic Team…

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