Credible Leadership Provides Intense Alignment and Guardrails

The link below will take you to a New York Times interview with the president and CEO of Hilton Worldwide. What I found of particular interest and value were his comments on culture and the importance to an organization of alignment, values, and clear priorities.  If you have been involved in any of EXCN’s Strategic Team Coaching programs or in our Strategic Executive Coaching®, all that may sound quite familiar.  My favorite quote from the article, which encapsulates the major point is:  “The trick is having an intense alignment around vision, mission, values and the key strategic priorities. My job as C.E.O., simply stated, is to create the right culture, set the tone, the high-level strategy.”

Did I live the Values today?  Did I add value to the company today?  Did I provide leadership to my team?  Is our company’s vision clear, compelling and widely understood?  Is the culture of the company in alignment with its values?

Mean what you say and say what you mean.


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