Creating an Environment for Success

Creating an Environment for SuccessEffective leaders are people others truly want to follow. They create the environment for other people to be successful and for the organization to achieve its mission and attain profitability.

Great leaders focus less on their own ambitions and more on serving others. They conceive and communicate a clear vision, deliver a well-defined strategic plan, develop a high performing management team, listen to stakeholders, maintain their vitality, and foster an environment of candor, coaching, and feedback. In this way, they nurture thriving, vibrant organizations.

Such leaders know how to be in front and when to step back. Self-awareness and an understanding of one’s impact on others is also a hallmark. You may have worked for one of these types of leaders. What did they do that created the environment for your success? Are you acting that way in your role as a leader today? Effective leaders understand that Results Matter; Leadership Counts®.

Actions you can take to create an environment where others can be successful:

  1. Solicit feedback regarding your impact on others and act on their suggestions.
  2. Understand what your stakeholders need to be successful; and
  3. Give people what they say they need (within reason), not what you think they should have.
  4. Identify any organizational barriers and work with others to break them down.
  5. Make the work environment enjoyable.
  6. Review your calendar to ensure that a larger percentage of your time is spent helping others do their jobs, than is spent in meetings or doing tactical work assignments.

Are you fostering others’ success? What change can you commit to make today that will make a difference to someone else’s achievements? Send us an email; we want to know (!

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