Executive Vitality: Fall Reset

Executive Vitality: Fall ResetLast week I walked into one of my local “giant supermarkets” and noticed Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations already on the shelves. A wave of adrenaline hit me. Oh wow, where did summer go?  The weight of the holiday hustle and bustle played itself out in front of me.

Over the years, EXCN has observed that executives who proactively prepare for the holiday onslaught, both personally and professionally, weather it with far more enjoyment and better outcomes than those who enter the season unprepared.

This time of year is always a good time to “check in” with yourself and ask, “How has my year been? Have I achieved my goals? What do I need to do to prepare for the end of the calendar year as the holidays approach?” It is a good time for executives to take an inventory of what is on their agenda for the upcoming months and commit to continuing to strengthen their vitality so that they may face whatever comes their way with renewed vigor.

We suggest you establish your vitality plan before the end-of-year holidays and holiday stress descend upon you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Meditation (discussed last time: https://www.executivecoaching.com/executive-vitality-benefits-of-the-refresh-button/).
  • Fitness.  In your inventory, note what the change in amount of daylight means for your workout regimen and adjust accordingly so it does not have a negative impact. This could mean, depending on where you live, more gym or weekend time vs. outdoor time during the work week.
  • Eating plan.  Availability of your favorite fruits and veggies, at least from a locavore point of view, may be shifting. Adjust accordingly! Look at what fall activities might come with calories and plan your diversion tactics.
  • Time with family.  Their schedules are likely changing too. Fall can be busy for everybody. Some extra intra-family calendar synchronization might be a good idea. We know one family with teenage kids who gather on periodic Sunday evenings to organize for the next couple of weeks, updating each other on what plans have changed since the last synch meeting. If “your family” means your friends, extended family, or other community, it is just as important to re-commit to staying connected as you gear up for fall.
  • Budget.  Reassess where you stand as you enter the 4th quarter and think about any adjustments you need to make.
  • Work load.  Work-life balance is key to maintaining your vitality and the added activities during the last quarter of the year can throw you off kilter. Pay careful attention to your priorities. Don’t get side-tracked or drawn into commitments that drain you.
  • Goal-setting.  Set aside time to revisit your goals for 2013, and begin to set preliminary goals for 2014. Assess which you successfully met, which you are still working on, and which should perhaps be identified as no longer relevant.
  • Encourage good conversation and dialogue with people who work with and for you. On the job, as people change their focus to fall activities, make sure that the communication that ensures connection, development, and success continue to take place.

Staying on top of these things will help ensure your leadership credibility. Fatigue and negative stress will cause you to lose composure, confidence, caring of others, decisiveness, and even your integrity. All of this would be detrimental to your leadership credibility. Don’t drop the ball during the fall months. Tighten up your plan to maintain your well-being—your vitality.

Now that it is fall, what is changing that will challenge your vitality? How can you plan to offset any ill-effects and turn them to positives for you, your team, and your family?

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