Executive Vitality™: Prepare for Holidays

Executive Vitality™: Prepare for HolidaysHoliday stress statistics reported by the American Psychological Association show that up to 69% of people are stressed by the feeling of having a “lack of time,” 69% are stressed by perceiving a “lack of money,” and 51% feel stressed over the “pressure to give or get gifts.”

“Stress is the perception of pressure, tension, worry, fear, dread, or anxiety. The way we respond to stress can exacerbate, or even create physical and emotional problems.”

During this time of year, it is important that executives identify their holiday stress triggers and make plans now to reduce and change their reactions to holiday stress. Anticipate obstacles to your sense of well-being.

Worried or anxious about your time now? It will only get worse as holiday demands creep in.

If you are feeling pressured to deliver the right gifts and send cards to all your customers, employees, friends, family members, suppliers … solicit help from others who can support you in these endeavors.

Concerned about spending too much – start now with setting realistic budgets.

Is there a possibility of gaining weight or going off the wagon – attend meetings or start your program now, not after binges and parties.

Change your reaction to the stressful situation.

  • Find the positive.
  • Slow down. Think before you react.

Remember to embrace your vitality toolkit:

  • Sleep 7-8 hours per night
  • Eat healthy meals
  • Drink in moderation
  • Plan ahead on budget, gifting, and time management
  • Find personal time – plan a spa day or some kind of retreat (dinner and a movie?)
  • Say NO when you need to
  • Breathe often and deeply


  • Who needs to be involved and how do you need to get them involved?
  • What do you need do ahead of time in order to succeed, e.g., budget, time allocation on calendar, conversations with others?
  • In addition to the planning recommended here, you may want to review our article, Overcoming the Perfect Storm, from November of last year. It lists some specific tips about triggers, time allocation, community, and finances and physical and spiritual well-being.

We will talk more about 2015 goals next time. For now, focus on thriving during this hectic time of the year.

What are your biggest challenges during November and December? Do you have a plan that you believe will help you succeed?

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