Executive Vitality™: A System Approach

Positive Input - Positive Output


Diminished Input - Diminished Output

We have all heard the phrase “garbage in/garbage out (GIGO).” See Figure 2: Diminished Input…Diminished Output. The corollary, of course, is “quality in/quality out (QIQO).” See Figure 1: Positive Input…Positive Output.

Most of us associate GIGO with computer systems: what you feed a machine determines what that machine produces. Are we any different – and by feed, yes, we mean food – but we are speaking more broadly than that. We are not suggesting that leaders must be triathlete vegetarians who meditate and give to charity (although it is great if you are!).

What we are saying is that leaders need a foundation of positive self-care to be well positioned to deliver strategic care to large systems. And remember – both cycles—the positive one and the negative one—are self-perpetuating.

Are you feeding your system the inputs that will lead to the output you want to see in your organization and your own leadership? If you need to adjust something, what is your plan to do that?

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