Executive Vitality™: Executive Resolutions

We are coming up on the halfway mark of the year—how is your executive vitality doing?

Look at your logs that track aspects of your executive vitality. Congratulations if you have exceeded your own expectations. Get to work on your vitality if you are lagging.

Halfway through the year is a time to give yourself an executive vitality check-up because, let’s face it, none of us have gotten any younger in the past five or six months. The importance of exercise only increases as we get older—for cardiac health, diabetes prevention, weight control, mental health, energy, balance, and strength.

Executive Vitality Graph
Which one of these lines most closely represents your weight, your point
of view on your executive vitality, and your exercise program?

In addition to exercise’s physical benefits, there are leadership benefits too. A study on Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Creativity: Immediate and Residual Effects, which was published in 2005 in the Creativity Research Journal, for example, shows that exercise boosts your creativity and that improvement lasts at least a couple of hours. Also, it is well known that exercise reduces stress. According to psychologist Robert Epstein, PhD, stress is a well-known creativity killer. Stress and composure, of course, are inversely related, so the endorphin boost from exercise that elevates mood, immunity, and pain tolerance also serves to increase composure as stress lessens.

What is your point of view on your own executive vitality as we approach midyear? How might improved vitality affect your creativity, your stress level, and your leadership performance?

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