NYT Article: No Time to Be Nice at Work

Inspirations 6/26/2015When you think about leadership effectiveness, respect is actually a pretty low bar to offer colleagues and direct reports. Offering respect is a basic “pay to play” condition for a leader. That makes the lack of civility in the workplace, especially in the most senior ranks, all the more astounding. The negative effect of incivility is huge, not just on physical and mental well-being, but also on the bottom line.

Leaders are not always aware of the impact their manner and behavior have on others, and it takes courage to face these issues. In our Strategic Executive Coaching® process, leaders obtain feedback and look at whether their behaviors match their values and intentions. With that awareness, they can devise action plans to make changes that have interpersonal and economic benefits.

A recent New York Times article No Time to Be Nice at Work, is about rudeness and bad behavior in the workplace. The article cites abundant research about the benefits of civility and costs of incivility in business. Respect is the requisite foundation for trust, warmth, credibility, support, caring for people, gratitude, recognition, and—ultimately—results.

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