Forbes Article – Does your boss need some leadership development?

Today, I saw in Forbes Does Your Boss Need Some Leadership Development? It resonated so strongly with what we have seen in our executive coaching work that I want to share it.  This article reports on research about the impact of senior leaders’ leadership effectiveness on direct reports and below. We believe, “As above, so below.”  Not surprisingly, weaker…

Leadership Effectiveness: 7 Ideas for Leadership In 2016

Leadership Effectiveness: 7 Ideas for Leadership In 2016

It is time to set the course for 2016. In January, we coach the executives we work with to consider these seven steps to set the tone for the New Year. Re-commit to your leadership action plan. Note your progress on it, i.e., your strengths and areas that need further attention. Ask your team to…

Executive Vitality™: 5 Key Steps To Returning To Work After The Holidays

Executive Vitality™: 5 Key Steps to Returning To Work after the Holidays

Here are some steps we suggest to our executive coachees to approach the New Year with vigor and focus. Immediately return to your leadership vitality plan. We know there may have been some year-end slippage, but hopefully, not too much! Exercise, in particular, will make you feel so much better. Spend time with your direct…

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