Executive Vitality™: 5 Key Steps To Returning To Work After The Holidays

Executive Vitality™: 5 Key Steps to Returning To Work after the HolidaysHere are some steps we suggest to our executive coachees to approach the New Year with vigor and focus.

  1. Immediately return to your leadership vitality plan. We know there may have been some year-end slippage, but hopefully, not too much! Exercise, in particular, will make you feel so much better.
  2. Spend time with your direct reports and find out about their experiences. Use the time to connect and share stories. Make it fun!
  3. Nurture the relationships that haven’t been as easy so that you kick off the year with a commitment to building trust.
  4. Connect with your most important customers and learn about their experiences, needs, and plans. This is a great time to connect.
  5. Stimulate innovation and fun in the office. Your co-workers and direct reports have all been off with family and friends. Coming back to “reality” can be a challenge for everybody.

What do you think will get you and your team back in the swing of things after the holidays? How can you, as their leader, support their efforts?

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