Leadership Effectiveness: 7 Ideas for Leadership In 2016

Leadership Effectiveness: 7 Ideas for Leadership In 2016It is time to set the course for 2016. In January, we coach the executives we work with to consider these seven steps to set the tone for the New Year.

  1. Re-commit to your leadership action plan. Note your progress on it, i.e., your strengths and areas that need further attention.
  2. Ask your team to identify one to five ideas that they would like to see the team implement this year, and prioritize those for action. About half can be business-oriented goals and half should be initiatives that will move the team dynamics forward.
  3. Revisit the Team Agreements and remind everyone that they are always in place — this means behaving in a manner that honors the agreements and having the courage to call out any breaches.
  4. Campaign for innovation. This means accepting, encouraging, even taking risks. It also means giving “mind space” (time) for the creative juices to flow.
  5. Remind your team and co-workers, as well as your boss, that “Balance is Bunk*” — and that you will do what you can as a leader to create the environment where others can be successful in 2016. Let them know how you plan to do it … and do it yourself! *The first time I remember seeing that phrase was in 2004 in Fast Company. Here is a more contemporary take: Balance Is Bunk: Realistic Work/Life Integration Strategies.
  6. Commit to making a difference in your community or customer base. Volunteer. Share your leadership with those who need it.
  7. Remember to have fun! Take yourself a little less seriously. Laugh more, fret less, and be happier.

What can you do to ensure that you and your team are on the right track as 2016 commences? What needs to be stopped, started, continued, improved?

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