Forbes Article – Does your boss need some leadership development?

InspirationsToday, I saw in Forbes Does Your Boss Need Some Leadership Development? It resonated so strongly with what we have seen in our executive coaching work that I want to share it.  This article reports on research about the impact of senior leaders’ leadership effectiveness on direct reports and below. We believe, “As above, so below.”  Not surprisingly, weaker leaders at the top “breed” even weaker leaders on down through the ranks.

Remember what we always say about “commitment to self-improvement.”

Here are three things you can do to ensure you keep the impact of your leadership and that of your leadership team positive:

  1. Accept and encourage a culture of courageous candor and feedback.
  2. Follow up to ensure the things you are doing add value. Oh! And STOP doing the things that don’t.
  3. Listen and learn so that you can consistently improve your impact on others.

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