Executive Vitality™: Leaders need a Happiness Plan

Executive Vitality™: Leaders need a Happiness PlanWhat makes executives happy? Apparently it is not more money. That effect (direct relationship between money and happiness) tops out at a level well below most executives’ pay level.

So what makes you happy? Should you care? And can you affect your happiness level?

Some answers and interesting factoids – some more intuitive than others – can be found in The Science of Happiness – New Discoveries for a More Joyful Life, Time Special Edition, New York: 2016 Time Inc. Books.

For example, who is happier – transportation ticket and reservation agents or actors and directors? Housekeepers and butlers or police? Realtors or police? Firefighters or economists? Management analysts or psychologists? Some of the answers may surprise you.

This special edition addresses many of the causes and, importantly, outcomes of happiness. You cannot control all, but you can influence many important levers that can help you attain happiness. Behavior matters.

Do you have a “get happy” plan, i.e., is there something you do to ensure that you achieve the most happiness, fulfillment, joy, serenity, and gratitude in your life that you can? We believe that having such a plan (and implementing it) is an essential aspect of being the best executive and best person you can be. We are constantly looking for ideas that will help executives lead fulfilling and happy lives – this month we came across the following – take time each day to do at least one:

  • Connect with your soul source
  • Focus on your health
  • Build relationships
  • Do good deeds

We think these activities will make you a better leader as well as a joyful person. You can take the cards you are dealt and play them to your best advantage – if you know how.

Another question: who’s happier – people who are 65 years old plus or people who are between 18 and 27? You guessed it! Or maybe you did not…

I urge you to seek out this Time Special Edition. If you cannot find this edition on a news stand, you can get it through Amazon or other outlets.

Do you have a happiness plan that covers the areas bulleted above? How can you enhance your plan?

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