Executive Vitality™: What Gets Measured Gets Done

Executive Vitality™: What Gets Measured Gets DoneI believe in wearable technology for vitality’s sake. I have always believed in the idea that what gets measured gets done. For example, when I count (i.e., measure) calories or sodium, I tend to take in less than when I don’t measure my intake.

The experts say adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep so I started wearing my Fitbit® at night to measure reality. I assumed I was getting adequate sleep each night. To my surprise, I learned that I was actually only getting about six hours of sleep. I was determined to do better, so I got in bed an hour earlier each night—it worked!

Wearable technology can aid in your vitality. An investment in Fitbit or some other wearable tool may ultimately aid in your leadership credibility. Better sleep leads to higher quality decision-making, improved composure, and your capacity to deliver at your job. The other benefits also include being less tired, achieving weight loss, and improving your ability to get more exercise. I strongly recommend you consider making this vitality investment.

Do you know how much you are sleeping or the quality of your sleep? How many steps a day or miles are you walking?

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