Leadership Effectiveness: A Future Leader in Your Company

Leadership Effectiveness: A Future Leader in Your CompanyFirst – what is a leader in your company? Are leaders only in the C-suite? Is the middle manager who saved $1,000,000 by creating an innovative idea and getting others to buy into it considered a leader? Is it some combination?

At EXCN, we believe that a complex set of skills are essential to being an effective leader today and in the future. Here are some key competencies or actions that are hallmarks of effective leaders.

Since we began our work as leadership experts and executive coaches, we have always asked our clients for their perspectives and definitions of the role of leaders in their companies. Do you agree with our thoughts below? What would you add? How do you define an ideal leader of the future?

  • Set the vision for the future – what is the big idea?
  • Provide a moral compass (or values) that sets the culture for what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
  • Develop the discipline of execution to deliver the strategic goals.
  • Create the environment where other people can be successful.
  • Empower leadership behavior across all levels.
  • Influence across boundaries – politically, geographically, departmentally.
  • Influence others rather than try to control others’ behavior.
  • Develop and grow leaders at all levels.
  • Communicate effectively using a variety of tools – from Social Media to one-on-one dialogue.
  • Make decisions and be confident.
  • Demonstrate respect.
  • Hold people accountable.

Clearly this is a partial list. We are interested in your ideas. Please click here to tell us what you think.

Leadership is a tough job. It is difficult to meet all the targets and consistently provide effective leadership as depicted above. It gets more and more challenging as the world flattens – employees question and challenge authority more than ever – and the speed of communication is measured in nanoseconds. The organizations that are savvy about grooming future leaders today will likely be much more successful in the future.

Has your organization defined what it means by leadership? Do those at all levels see themselves as leaders?

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