Executive Vitality™: Turn the Page

Executive Vitality®: Turn the PageHere is our recommendation for this month. For you to achieve your executive vitality, you need to know when to move on … and know when to laugh. Now is the time to take a deep breath, let go, and push “refresh” to start the New Year.

Try forgiving yourself for the weight you have gained during the holidays, the comment you made to someone driving by, the judgment you passed in silence when someone passed you in clothes you would never wear while you were shopping at the grocery store – forgive yourself for the keys you lost … whatever you’ve been holding onto.  Just learn from these things and move on – you will be healthier, happier, saner, and less stressed if you can do these things.  Coping with the challenges of present times requires great resilience and the ability to live in the present.

Sometimes you have to let go and not beat yourself up about things. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Actually, research backs this up. Laughter is good for the immune system. Look it up on the National Institute of Health website.

What are the stressors you would be better off no longer stressing about? When is the last time you had a good laugh with friends and felt the warm afterglow for days?

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