Leadership Effectiveness: Admit Mistakes

Leadership Effectiveness: Admit MistakesLet’s face it – we all make mistakes and admitting them is a surefire way to move ahead.  Take for example the mistakes I have made doing something as simple as sending an email:

  • This morning I called my friend, Tom, a “Tomato.”
  • Yesterday I wrote to a business contact and forwarded “hounds” to her, aka “handouts.”
  • I still have vivid memories of several years ago when I sent an important document to “Untied Airlines.”  Oops! UNITED AIRLINES!
  • One time my billing manager added two additional zeros to a client’s invoice.  The client was shocked, but miraculously sent a check!  We of course sent the extra money back.
  • I just saw that we scheduled something for 5 moths in the future… actually 5 months in the future!
  • A client asked if I had time on a particular day. I typed “No, I don’t”  but spell-check changed it to “No, idiot.” That does not build good relationships.

And on and on … I am sure you have your own examples.

These are silly examples, however, they do have consequences. The best thing to do when you are wrong is admit it and get on with a solution.   Leaders we work with who admit their mistakes and demonstrate a commitment to doing the right thing – then do the right thing – are perceived as being much more effective.

What are the benefits of admitting a mistake you may have made recently? Do you need to admit mistakes more readily in order to get past difficult situations?

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