Executive Vitality™: Planning Your Well-Being

Executive Vitality™: Planning Your Well-BeingBoards and investors are becoming increasingly interested in the health profile of a prospective CEO. The issues of disclosure and privacy can be thorny – see Death of CSX’s CEO Renews Debate on Health Disclosures.

It is February. The dust has settled from turning the page to another year, and yet, it is still early enough in the year to look forward and make a plan to go back to basics with your vitality rituals (see EXCN Executive Vitality). Make a plan to ensure you are doing the things that keep you nourished mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally.

What might a vitality plan look like? Here is just one example – there are many ways you could approach planning to maintain/improve your vitality in 2018.Example Vitality Plan
What do you need to do in this new year to go back to basics and focus on the key things that keep you vital through the year? Are there some areas that need more attention in your plan than others?

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