Executive Vitality™: Plan to Improve Yours

Executive Vitality™: Plan to Improve YoursAt EXCN we take seriously the vitality of our executive coaching clients.  What is vitality? The Oxford Living Dictionaries say: “The state of being strong and active; energy.” I will take that definition gladly!

A vitality plan—a plan that ensures you have great energy—is an important step to creating improved vitality for yourself. Your path to vitality will be more direct and successful if you have a plan for how you can get there and specific goals in the areas that are important to you.

Figure out the key areas for your vitality.   For example, for me, they are:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness.Time in nature has many benefits to one’s well-being.  A lot has been written on this topic – see our recommended articles at the end of this tip.
  • Sleep. I need a minimum of six hours, prefer seven, and am at my best with eight hours. We have included a link to an article from the CDC about sleep in our recommended articles.
  • Exercise. I am a fanatic.  I must ride my bicycle, run, lift weights, stretch, and or swim on a regular basis. Interestingly, a lot of the successful senior executives we coach also have a high level of devotion to physical activity and fitness.
  • Good eating habits. Even when eating out.  I avoid goodies and focus on the obviously healthier choices. This often takes some planning, e.g., knowing what the menu offers and what will fit in with your daily plan. Of course, I do have a treat now and then; however, I typically consider treats as a “one-off,” not a habit.
  • Financial planning. This is personal.  I am least anxious when I am saving more than I am spending. Most people probably are.
  • High-trust, caring relationships. I make an effort to ensure the relationships in my life are healthy.  If there is one that is not, I make an effort to fix it and then feel happier for having done that.
  • Contribute positively to the environment.  I pay attention and avoid negative impacts on the environment.  One issue that is getting a lot of press is the need to reduce “consumption” of plastic.
  • Meaningful work. Even if work were not occupying most of our waking hours, a sense of purpose is very effective to get one up and out of bed, and on the move.
  • Fun. Add laughter to that. We have a great Psychology Today article about how laughter is the best medicine in our recommended articles.
  • Service. I make an effort to do good in the world. See our Breakaway Performance from May 2017 for the benefits. Executive Vitality: Be a Volunteer.

Each day I review my vitality plan and ask myself, “Am I feeling well overall?” If not, I determine where I am falling short and make a plan to take better care.  For example, if I am too sleepy to think straight, I need to figure out how to get those (at least) 6 or 7 hours.

Do you have a vitality plan? What area in particular should you focus on first?

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