Executive Vitality™: Do Your Part To Help

Executive Vitality™: Do Your Part For The FutureFocusing on helping others will help us all get through this pandemic. We can create a brighter future. Your ability to be present with a focus on a brighter future will inspire your kids, your neighbors, and your employees, and help you through. Caring activities and reduced stress will have a positive impact on your vitality. Your enhanced vitality will enable you to help even more.

The stress created from our current crisis is palpable, especially when fear takes over. Being more intentional about doing your part for the future can help you use energy to the positive. It helps you feel happier as you lean into the best version of yourself. Remember we are in this for the long-haul. It is human to experience anxiety when you hear about a possible depression, people dying, and more.

Use the anxiety to shape what you need to “manage,” then be intentional about lifting yourself up from fear and doom.

Here are six ideas to consider.

  1. Stay in the present. Avoid pining for the past or fretting about the future. Focus on where you are now.
  2. Create routines for yourself and your family.
  3. Give yourself 10 minutes a day, sitting in one place, to stress. When that 10 minutes is over, get up and be productive. Remind yourself you can stress again for ten minutes tomorrow. Then, push yourself into the present.
  4. Do something creative: paint, write, sing, learn a language, garden, or anything that keeps you occupied that isn’t work.
  5. Help others who are suffering more than you are. Or help anyone. Just help.
  6. Ask for input from others regarding your impact on them. Make course corrections where helpful.

What will you do now to help you behave in a manner that is self-actualizing?

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