Leadership Effectiveness: Preparing for the New Normal

Leadership Effectiveness: Preparing for the New NormalThe number one predictor of future success as a leader is commitment to self-development as a leader. Leaders who never stop learning and growing—regardless of circumstances (and perhaps during the worst circumstances)—are perceived by their stakeholders to be better leaders. They listen more, demonstrate the ability to adapt, are more self-aware and are capable of helping others deal with difficult challenges. They are able to make tough decisions and have higher levels of credibility. Even when they want to act out their “dark side,” they have the ability to soothe themselves and stay emotionally available for others. These skills are learned—and they do require humility, self-awareness, and self-discipline.

It goes without saying, the world is going to look different post COVID-19. We have to prepare ourselves for the new normal. Given that assumption, and all that we do not know, what should we do?

We suggest the following:

  • Identify how you want your organization to pivot—and the kind of corporate culture you are striving to achieve—for the future.
  • Know the leadership attributes that are required to create that future.
    • Ensure you are living those attributes now.
    • And not just you! Make sure your team and the people in the organization—especially those who serve your stakeholders—are also devoted to those qualities.
  • Get feedback to find out if you are perceived by others to be living the behaviors that are required now to create the future you want to create.
    • You may think, “My direct reports are too busy to give me feedback.”   Actually, inviting them into a conversation about how you can become more effective for them now, in these circumstances, will create trust and build success.
    • The positive feedback about your impact will be part of the information. You need that. There will also be unexpected opportunities for you to further improve your impact.
  • Create a plan of action based on the information you get from the feedback and engage others in the execution of that plan.
  • Continue to invite people to provide feedback. Make it easy for them to continue the constructive conversation.
  • Even if you think all your relationships are rock solid, avoid assuming that people feel free to tell you everything. Set up conditions intended to get the “undiscussables” out in the open. An internal or external interviewer can really help!

The investment you make in your leadership effectiveness will differentiate you and your organization from others. We at Executive Coaching Network, Inc. (EXCN) always encourage our clients to understand their impact on others—even and especially from the home office. People and circumstances are different now. Many relationships have grown stronger and that is a good thing. But even in the best of times, it is hard to get honest, candid feedback. Today, some leaders are simply avoiding the challenge. This is understandable—these are tough times. However, we know, the best leaders have the courage to face the truth, ask the tough questions, and deal with the information. EXCN will provide the tools required to understand your impact, create a plan of action, and coach you to ensure your organization’s future success.

Do you know if your leadership is having the impact you want for your company? Are your people feeling like you are creating the environment for them to be successful in the “new normal”? 

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