Executive Vitality™: Calm Your Nervous System Before You Get Hurt

Executive Vitality™: Calm Your Nervous System Before You Get Hurt“Have any of you ever cut your hand twice in the same night whilst cooking?” That is the question a group of us received from a friend last night. He described how the first cut was not terrible, so after the application of a band aid, he continued to cook and cut his hand AGAIN – a lot worse this time, requiring four stiches.

I raise this today to remind all of us to pay careful attention and perhaps take some preventative measures during these very stressful times.

  1. Before getting out of bed each day take two minutes and do a “body scan.” Ask yourself, “How’s the body doing? Any stress points? Any pain?” What do you think your cortisol levels are?
  2. Notice if you are forgetting things. For example, do you know where your keys are? Have you forgotten any important appointments? Is anything falling through the cracks right now?
  3. Notice if you are more easily agitated. For example, do you find yourself having road rage? Shorter temper with the kids? If yes, you need to find healthy ways to calm your nervous system.
  4. You may be receiving cues that could be lifesaving if heeded. Do not ignore them. Listen to the cues and take steps to reduce stress – before a big accident happens.

The sense of anxiety in the U.S. today is palpable. Honor yourself and your family by taking inventory of your nervous system and taking any steps you need to so that your mental and physical health and the actions you take are in line with your personal values.

How is your nervous system? Are you in constant fight or flight right now?

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