Executive Vitality™: How is the Pandemic Affecting You?

Executive Vitality™: How is the Pandemic Affecting You?WebMD has shared some important information about how the pandemic affects our bodies. Approximately 10 different common effects are listed, and for most of them, specific measures you can take are suggested. And there is advice for other symptoms. For example, for hair loss – yes, that is one outcome of pandemic stress. WebMD indicates that, as the stress eases, so will the hair loss.

As executives, we need to attend to ourselves before we can create the environment for others in which they can thrive. Without self-care, we are nowhere.

  1. Please look at the WebMD article, How the Pandemic Is Affecting Our Bodies (webmd.com), and think about any changes in your body or emotional/mental health you have noticed during the last year, the time of the pandemic. Which, if any, of the changes you may have experienced could be due to the impact of the pandemic?
  2. Ask yourself, “Do I have any of the symptoms listed in the WebMD article?”
    1. For example, do you have anxiety? If the answer is “yes,” create a plan to ensure you reduce anxiety – exercise, meditation, doing something you enjoy, Zooming or walking with a friend (in a covid-safe manner) …
  3. Consider if you are not sleeping well, are depressed, have gained weight, are experiencing more headaches than is normal for you, are having dental or skin problems, have had vision changes, are engaging in unhealthy habits, e.g., excess alcohol, smoking, or feeling aches and pains. Recognize that these could be caused by living through lockdowns, isolation and stress, and do not ignore them. Either follow suggestions in WebMD (and you may have your own ideas) and also – some of these situations might call for a visit to a medical professional – either a physical visit or a virtual one.
  4. Whatever may be the impact of the pandemic on your body, ensure you are caring for yourself and attending specifically to the symptoms that you are experiencing. You may experience some, and not others. Everyone is different.
  5. Encourage your team, family, and friends to do the same.

What symptoms or changes in your body might be due to the stresses and strains of the pandemic? What can you do to encourage your team, family, and friends to pay attention to and mitigate symptoms of living through a pandemic?

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