Executive Vitality™: Get Dirty And Get Lost

Executive Vitality™: Get Dirty And Get Lost

Take a vacation! Much has been written in this past year telling us to get out – out of the office (virtual or otherwise), out of our homes, out of our heads. There is nothing like a pandemic to shift our outlook on life, priorities, and work. People are shifting and responding to internal and external signals they are receiving, which has resulted in some notable trends. Many people have decided it is a good time to retire … maybe buy an RV and see the country … or just go camping …

We recommend taking some time in nature. Get out and about for several days. Go long enough to forget what day it is – get away from the news, the stock market … all of it. See what comes up for you. Do you have FOMO (“fear of missing out”)? Are you feeling afraid of letting go? Of not being responsible or responsive? Of getting dirty or getting lost?

Sit next to a river … look at the stars… hike a mountain… watch birds … It is amazing the kind of perspective you will gain. Nature can teach us many lessons – if we are willing to get out and get “lost” in it. For example, nature works in its own time. It can’t pull an all-nighter to get that shrub to bloom faster (or get that report out sooner).  When you are out in nature, give some thought to what you can bring back to the office that will make you an even better leader.

I’ve spoken with literally hundreds of leaders and board members who do get away – but only sort of. Many stay connected even when they say they will not. Is this a good idea? There is no right or wrong answer. The key is having freedom to be (internally) capable of saying – “I’m going and I am growing.” Then grow from the experience – you probably won’t be able to avoid it, anyway.

How badly do you need a vacation? Where can you go to experience the beauty and wonder of nature?

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