Executive Vitality™: Quick and Easy Stress Relief

Executive Vitality™: Quick and Easy Stress ReliefThanksgiving is over.  We hope it was restful and rejuvenating.  For some people, Thanksgiving can be stressful and for many, holiday stress is just beginning.

WebMD published a set of stress-relief tips entitled How to Feel Better in Less Than 15 Minutes.  You might think these are ordinary things that everybody knows to do – like go outside – but the WebMD list is still a good reminder of very simple steps you can take to shift your perspective and your mood to a more positive place in just a few minutes.

There are 15 of them!  Fifteen! You can cycle through them doing one a day, at least, for half the month, and then start over again, when you have tried all 15. Or better yet –add the ones you know you can count on to help shift your mood into your routine.

Included are mechanisms that have been shown in studies and in clinical practice to evoke a sense of well-being.  Here is a sampling of the WebMD tips.

And there are ten more for you to check out.

What quick routines do you have for self-care that make you feel better?  What tips from the WebMD list should you incorporate into your stress-relief repertoire?

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