Leadership Effectiveness: Women’s Workplace

Leadership Effectiveness: Women’s Workplace

People are polarizing around the recent Supreme Court decision regarding Roe v. Wade. A ripple effect is being felt in all sectors, including the military. The abortion ruling has troops and veterans speaking out, some for the first time | npr.org.

Harvard Business Review published an article on June 2, 2022, before the decision was even handed down, which addresses women’s health as a national priority. The article describes the current women’s health crisis and what measures employers can take to support women’s health. How U.S. Employers Can Support Women’s Health | hbr.org

Forbes also published a list in May before the decision was finalized. These companies will cover travel and other expenses associated with their employees’ well-being and safety in states where abortions are illegal. Some companies extend the benefits to spouses and/or dependents. Each company provides these benefits to support their employee’s right to healthcare. These Are The U.S. Companies Offering Abortion-Related Benefits | forbes.com.

No matter what your organization’s policy is, people have strong feelings about the decision. Since the decision reverses what has been the standard for 50+ years, discussing this sensitive topic in the workplace will understandably require new skills for many leaders.

By now, you probably know your organization’s stand on abortion. As a leader in your organization, regardless of your own personal feelings, you must lead according to the values of the organization. Organizational values could conflict with your moral compass, so you need to be clear with yourself about how or whether you can walk a line that does not countermand either your own or the organization’s values. And, if you cannot, now what?

You might know how team members feel about the decision, but you might not. If appropriate, check in with each of your employees individually.

We have been concerned about how to keep political divisiveness in the workplace in check for some time, and the challenges keep coming.

Will you know how to lead if your values are not aligned with your company’s values as they relate to abortion? Do you need to take action to maintain cohesiveness on your team despite divisiveness that may have arisen due to the recent Supreme Court decision?

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