Executive Vitality™: September is Self-Improvement Month

Executive Vitality™: September is Self-Improvement MonthHow does it come about that self-improvement gets its own official month? Executive Coaching Network® (EXCN) was intrigued so we looked into it. See Self Improvement Month – September 2022 | Spirit Of The Holidays for some answers.

What does it mean to be committed to self-improvement? And, why does it matter? Are you committed to self-improvement? Do you care?

Your commitment to self-improvement can help you in many areas of life – work, relationships, finances, mood, demeanor, and more. Take Joe, for example, he received feedback that his ability to maintain his composure at work was slipping back below what is acceptable. He was raising his voice, cutting people off mid-sentence, and saying disrespectful things. Joe realized his commitment to his own self-improvement was fading. This happened because he got very busy at work. When he realized that, he dialed into his self-improvement stay-well plan and his composure improved almost immediately. 

EXCN’s Executive Vitality™ program is founded on a framework of personal vision, mission, and values. Where are you and where do you want to go in your life, in your career, in your health and well-being, financially, in your relationships…? How will you get there?

Here are a few considerations for your self-improvement journey:

  1. What is your vision for your future?
  2. What are your personal values?
  3. What is your stay-well plan?
  4. What steps do you need to take to strengthen your self-improvement plan?
  5. How will you keep improving after your initial milestones are met?

A desire for improvement doesn’t mean you are broken. Improvement is a word that could conjure up perceptions that a judgment had been made that there was a problem needing correction. Let’s reframe. Let’s talk about it from the perspective of changing for the better. If I want to get better at something, that doesn’t mean I am not good at it now. Olympic swimmers want to get better, and they are already in the Olympics! Improvement can be an inspired goal rather than a judgment that you are not good as you should be. If the idea of self-improvement is ever disturbing to you, try to reframe.

If you are inspired to continue with your self-improvement journey and want help along the way, contact us at 714-278-9399 or email us at info@excn.com.   Mostly, our clients work with us to strengthen their leadership skills and many of our clients have improved their executive vitality while engaging with EXCN, even if that was not the main focus of their coaching.  Self-improvement is too important to leave on the table.

What are you inspired to improve about yourself? What three aspects of your life would you like to see in better shape? Go for it!

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