Executive Vitality™: Prioritize Your Emotional Well Being for the Holidays

Executive Vitality™: Prioritize Your Emotional Well Being for the HolidaysFor many people, the holidays can be both enriching and exhausting. In addition to the traditional parties, travel, shopping, present-giving, and feasts – we are also faced with challenges that are the result of year-end business demands, the pandemic, or the economy (or all of the above).

There are often a lot of expectations placed on us by others, and sometimes they are self-imposed. Because it is so easy to fall into the mindset of putting everybody else in front of you, this year we recommend you consider prioritizing yourself for the holidays.

To do this, stop and think about what you would like your holiday experience to be.  How do you want to feel? Many people are so steeped in tradition that they never question what their holiday experience could be like. We at EXCN would like you to think about how prioritizing yourself could change things, especially if you tend to be a “people pleaser.”

Here are four steps we recommend in the pursuit of self-prioritization (aka self-preservation):

  1. First, be clear about your intention. Navigating through the holiday season is different for every person – just know that you can “have it your way” – but first you have to have the intention.
  2. Write down what prioritizing yourself at holiday time might look like. Write down what you want (even if you’re not sure it can happen).
  3. Seek support from others. Don’t trudge through the holidays like it’s a burden. If you don’t have a spouse or sibling or close enough friend to be the support you need, you can look for support through a variety of hotlines and other services provided by community organizations, churches, mosques, synagogues, and social services agencies.
  4. Give yourself a break if you miss something someone else expects you to attend. You don’t have to explain. You know your limits and there are many reasons you might need to “take a day off” – even if you have relatives in town – or even if you are visiting others. See #1 – include in your intention that you have the freedom and flexibility to rest, exercise, and/or attend to personal concerns as needed, even if you have guests or are a guest yourself.

Identify the benefits of following these steps.  How did it feel to concentrate on your own wants/needs during the holidays?  What worked … or didn’t?  Make a mental note — or even write it all down — so you can continue to prioritize your emotional well-being when the holidays are over. And again next year.

If you are inspired to continue with your self-improvement journey and want help along the way, contact us at 714-278-9399 or email us at info@excn.com. Mostly, our clients work with us to strengthen their leadership skills and many of our clients have improved their executive vitality while engaging with EXCN, even if that was not the main focus of their coaching. Self-improvement is part of Executive Vitality.

Will you be able to prioritize yourself this holiday season? How can you enhance your holiday mood?

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