Executive Vitality™: Achieving Motivation

Executive Vitality™: Achieving Motivation

We at EXCN help executives develop habits and disciplines associated with pursuing vibrant, balanced lifestyles, and achieving Executive Vitality. 

Executives with vitality achieve more. They have greater focus, energy, and enjoyment. They have the vigor—and the motivation—to pursue dreams and goals. That is why we focus on Executive Vitality with the leaders we coach.

We believe that Executive Vitality encompasses, in no particular order, Health, Relationships, Work, Play, Spirituality, and Finances.  Facts2Focus, a motivational and self-development incubator, has aggregated seven Japanese practices to motivate and move that we believe loosely align with how we think of Executive Vitality. 

Ikigai/Spirituality: The first step is being clear on your purpose in life—your reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Align purpose with your values and your talents.

Kaizen/Work: Kaizen is about continuous improvement—taking baby steps. It is a business concept but also applies to our personal lives and it is known to overcome laziness or lack of motivation. Leaders who may not have difficulty achieving and maintaining motivation might find this technique useful in supporting others’ motivation.

Pomodoro/Work: Manage your time and your focus by arranging your day in blocks of time where you work without interruption (25, 45, 60, 90 minutes, whatever) and then take a break (5, 15, 30 minutes).  Repeat.

Hara Hachi Bu/Health: This is a practice to eat healthfully, slowly, and mindfully.

Shoshin/Relationships:  Keep an open, or beginner’s mind, maintaining curiosity and treating each task or person as if it was the first time you have encountered that task or person.

Wabi-Sabi/Spirituality: Embrace imperfection, if you don’t, you may never get anything done and you will carry a lot of stress around.

Kakeibo/Finances: Budget and track. Ensure you are in the financial place you (realistically) want to be.

Habits and disciplines that can help you stay strong and effective go a long way to minimize the relentless stress and exhaustion that sometimes accompanies our jobs. The persistent demands on your time won’t go away. That is why it is imperative that executives have strategies to stave off the emotional exhaustion that can take its toll on job performance and life satisfaction. 

We recommend mindfully pursuing vitality:

  1. Take care of your Health via healthy eating habits, adequate sleep, plenty of exercise, and reduced stress.
  2. Nurture the Relationships in your life through tending to them, confronting conflict as appropriate.
  3. Achieve more results and satisfaction at Work through setting realistic goals, pursuing continuous improvement, embracing imperfection, managing your time well.
  4. Have fun—both at work and at Play.
  5. Be true to your Spirituality, values, and goals.
  6. Keep your Finances tuned up.

Are you satisfied with your level of vitality, or could it use a boost? 

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