Executive Vitality™: Are You Able To Leave Your Work At Work?

Executive Vitality™: Are You Able To Leave Your Work At Work?

Work-life balance is more important than ever in 2024. We at EXCN recommend that leaders make a concerted effort to communicate to their team this core value—everyone needs to detach from their work at the end of the day. Of course, this is easier said than done. Here’s an important key. Set healthy boundaries.

People with boundaries flourish. They create space for meaningful relationships and productive activities, surpassing the pitfalls of work obsession. It is not wrong to think about work after hours—some of our best ideas come on the tennis court or in the shower. However, when after-hours obsessing or working long hours interferes with your sleep, your relationships, and your mood, it is time to take stock and make some changes. You will feel freer, happier, and able to focus better at work. And once guarding your boundaries is not something you think about but just do, you will see the benefits.

Here are 3 ways to make sure you are not working against yourself by never letting the work go.

  1. Choose a role-model who is good at preserving boundaries. Think of a powerful leader you know;  someone who recharges their batteries daily. You might be able to emulate their behavior, or you may want to ask them how they came to guard their boundaries and thus, become the leaders they are today.
  2. Enroll a “boundary-buddy.” Do you have a partner, roommate, friend, or colleague who could help you monitor your after-hours ruminations? Ask for real-time feedback and use it to modify your behavior.
  3. Schedule activities you really enjoy after work. Even if the activity is sitting down with a good book—put it on your calendar. Play sports. Watch movies. Go to the gym. In other words, until you have internalized the habit of guarding your boundaries, make it difficult to engage yourself in post-work ruminations.

Master the art of leaving work behind for a more fulfilling life. Your vitality, both professionally and personally, depends on it.

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