Leadership Effectiveness: Build An Open and Engaging Culture

Effective leaders demonstrate humility and ask questions. They set a tone for hard questions and respectful arguments about decisions, product development, and more.

When a leader creates an environment where people are intimidated, afraid to ask questions, afraid to challenge decisions, and afraid to say what they need to be effective, the whole team suffers. Productivity declines, high performers leave, and the leader eventually loses credibility. Here are six ways to ensure you create an environment of curiosity and dialogue:

  1. Stimulate discussions by asking open-ended questions
  2. In response to questions, ask more questions to generate deeper dialogue and exploration
  3. Give credit to everyone for asking questions, considering responses, and providing input
  4. Remind everyone that there are no dumb questions or responses
  5. Provide opportunity for the entire team to discuss the options, if the issue is not individual
  6. Involve people who are impacted by a decision in the process early and often

Listening more than you talk sends a strong message to your team that you consider their feedback to be valuable. What other behaviors would let your team know that you are engaged and interested in their input?

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