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Executive Vitality™We believe your vitality is among your most precious commodities. The more vitality you have, the more able you are to focus, to achieve, and to enjoy. If you have vitality, you have the exuberance, the physical stamina, and mental and emotional vigor to pursue your vision and mission as well as live the values of your organization. As CEO of EXCN, I am passionate about helping executives improve not only their leadership performance but also their Executive Vitality™. Every month we publish Breakaway Performance – Ideas that transform the way you work — with tips about well-being and good health. I hope these tips will help you focus on your vitality.

Alyssa Freas, Ph.D.
CEO & President
Executive Coaching Network, Inc.

Sometimes You Just Have To Stop

Sometimes You Just Have To Stop

Today I had a day planned at my home office to catch up, relax, and then have an early evening with friends. As often is the case in our professional and personal lives, things didn’t […]

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