It was great to see

It was great to see the positive change in our team assessment results from last year to this year, after you had worked with us periodically during the year. You have tremendous credibility with the team, including the CEO. You ask really good questions; it was good to have your perspective and business acumen to ask the right questions to get us on track. You share credit, help build the confidence of others and have a pure way of doing what is best for your client. That is a really strong trait and I’ve seen many consultants who can’t let the team or others feel great about their work, or give the team confidence that they can do things on their own. Sorry, I don’t have any negatives…

Jeff Szczesny. Vice President Human Resources
Sutter Health SSR

The coaching process used by

The coaching process used by EXCN had a powerful impact on my leadership effectiveness. A real reward was in the positive feedback from my business colleagues.

Linda Miller, Manufacturing Director, Casting and Forging Operations
Ford Motor Company

We engaged EXCN to support

We engaged EXCN to support our company in a critical stage of our development and you did a great job. We are as focused as we have ever been and energy levels are high.

Ken Ruggiero, President and CEO
Goal Structured Solutions

I believe that in 20

I believe that, 20 years from now, we will look back at EXCN’s process and remember it as the single biggest initiative we tackled, and it literally changed how we work.

Robert E. Alger, CEO
The Lane Construction Corporation

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