The persistence and consistency was

The persistence and consistency was one of the most valuable elements of the executive coaching process—and the foundation of trust. I had a chance to observe Alyssa in private and public and I knew she was trustworthy. Alyssa’s efforts were focused unquestionably on trying to help me be successful. Her interest in me wasn’t about Alyssa, it was about me. Alyssa helped me develop. I still look through the executive coaching material and there are many good reminders.

Tony Buzzelli, Board Member and Business Advisor

Alyssa is very personable, client-focused,

Alyssa is very personable, client-focused, and diligent; she makes sure clients get value from the coaching. What is unique about EXCN is that Alyssa does all the interviews herself, so she gets firsthand knowledge of the feedback. Alyssa interprets information and tells you what she thinks; Alyssa has a strong team that translates data to get useful, timely messages for change. The comprehensive data collection is great. The monthly meetings have been successful. Alyssa was always available; she is very responsive. Alyssa makes clear-cut conclusions. EXCN does a lot of work behind the scenes to compile and analyze the data. Executive coaching helped me build self-awareness and self-confidence. You learn to think as a third party about yourself, about how you are perceived, what you are doing that is great, what is not so good, and what you can do to make it better. We had very specific action items and a timeline and Alyssa always made sure that I was improving. That part was excellent. And this translates directly to how to approach others, hold others accountable, and have action items. Executive coaching has impacted my career. I have become more confident and self-aware, a better CFO.

Xia Liu, CFO
Gulf Power (energy and utility industry)

You brought incredible clarity to

Alyssa brought incredible clarity to the coaching process. She said it was going to look like this and that, and it always did. There were never any surprises. I always knew what to expect, how long we were going to communicate, and what we were going to do. Alyssa was incredibly insightful, helpful, and provided me with advice and guidance. She gave me important feedback in a highly constructive way. She is remarkable.

Kim Greene, EVP and COO
Southern Company

Executive coaching was for the

Executive coaching was for the specific purpose of CEO transition. I strongly agree that executive coaching was valuable for me and to my organization.

Beth Mooney, CEO
Financial Services Industry

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