There is no doubt that the team members believe it was time extremely well spent

There is no doubt that the team members believe it was time extremely well spent.  The team coaching brought team performance to a different level.  Team is much more collegial and supportive of one another.  I don’t think people really embraced it beforehand but then the results were appreciated.

The team coaching made the team much more cohesive, having a single voice; it is apparent to everyone that the senior team did it to become more effective–is much more visible to the organization.

There are very few people that are as strong and as politely direct as you (Alyssa).  If our coach were someone that was more timid, I doubt we would have gotten the results we got.  If a coach lets people get away with things without probing or pushing, you get a half-baked loaf of bread.  It is highly dependent on the individual coach.  If you don’t give the unvarnished truth you won’t get as much.

Pat Fry
Formerly: CEO, Sutter Health
Currently: President & CEO, FryVenture Solutions; Director on multiple boards; Advisor to Private Equity firms and early healthcare start-ups

The effect of the coaching on me as a leader was profound!

The effect of the coaching on me as a leader was profound! There were moments in that intervention where I finally realized I could make a big difference. My level of courage went up significantly. It was a particularly rewarding experience and I reflect so with confidence. I was not rewired, but it was a shaping process. It made me confident to stand up for what was right.

What would have happened to me if I didn’t go through the process? — My capacity to absorb ambiguity and respond flexibly to change was ratcheted up enormously. As a leader – to have confidence to make decisions without all the information and also absorb ambiguity and also to strive for better balance as an individual. If I didn’t go through the coaching with you – I would not have as much confidence or calm.

One positive was gaining the ability to have frank discussions. People became more comfortable with themselves and the dialogue become more open.

Peter Wharton-Hood
Formerly: Main Board Director and Group Chief Operating Officer - Standard Bank Group
Current: Group Chief Executive at Life Healthcare

The executive coaching from Executive Coaching Network totally opened up my ability

[The executive coaching from Executive Coaching Network] totally opened up my ability to express much more effectively my concerns and to challenge up, and to communicate my thoughts and opinions about the direction I thought we should take.

Mike Landmesser
Formerly: Director - Information Technology, Stater Bros. Markets
Currently: Vice President, Information Technology, Superior Grocers

I got the best advice ever from you

I got the best advice ever from you.  It was to spend as much time and effort building relationships with who are people more senior than I as I do with the people who report to me and who are my peers.

Alyssa has been both my personal coach and a coach for multiple senior executives in organizations I’ve led through the years. I’ve experienced and witnessed her extraordinary ability to help executives understand and leverage their strengths, recognize and address their developmental opportunities, and become stronger and more well-rounded human beings.

Susan Story
Formerly: CEO, American Water
Lead director, Raymond James
Board director, Dominion Energy

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