Tom Welch

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Welch, Chief Technology Officer of Executive Coaching Network, Inc. (EXCN), helped Alyssa Freas, CEO & President, start EXCN in 1995.  He had the vision to quickly obtain terrific domain names for executive coaching, such as the coveted,  back when the industry was in its infancy.  In addition to ensuring EXCN’s systems are in alignment with its strategy, he is instrumental in maintaining and upgrading its presence on the web and routinely bailing out his colleagues at EXCN when they need tech help with collaboration software or other software and hardware issues.

Before joining EXCN, he was Director of Quality Assurance for Logic Innovations’ video broadcast division and cVideo video surveillance divisions of Kratos.   Early in his career, he did systems engineering in the aviation industry.  In addition, he has done quality assurance and systems integration for multiple start-ups.

Tom holds Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Information Technology from Coleman College (now, University).  He earned all three degrees summa cum laude.  

Tom has hiked the Grand Canyon several times.  He continues to enjoy hiking, motorcycles (he owns four), other travel, and spending time with, and helping out, friends and family.

Tom is a talented woodworker and enjoys creating custom furniture for friends and family.  Currently he is volunteering his woodworking skills for the Silver City (NM) Museum.

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