Complex Situations in Coaching


Alyssa Freas, PhD, CEO of EXCN, contributed a chapter to “Complex Situations in Coaching”
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Complex Situations in Coaching
A thought-provoking and multiperspective journey for the professionalization and continuous education of coaches, instructors, and/or supervisors.

Complex Situations in Coaching is a collection of 20 typical yet under-discussed issues in coaching, ranging from value conflicts, multiple agendas, power dynamics, and emotion management, to the role of money, etc.

Organized into 10 chapters, they are positioned into the literature and commented on by world-class coaches, coaching researchers, educators, and program directors.

This plurality of voices is designed to foster dialogue, questions, and solutions; this setting, supportive of reflexivity, critical thinking, and diversity awareness, is essential to the development and education of coaches in an increasingly complex world where ready-made solutions prove limited.

Dima Louis is Assistant Professor, Department of People, Organizations & Society, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Univ Grenoble Alpes ComUE, France.
Pauline Fatien Diochon is Associate Professor of Management, Innovation Academy, SKEMA Business School, Université Côte d’Azur, France.


Multiple Agendas in Coaching
Power in Coaching
Boundaries in Coaching
Values in Coaching
Cultural Issues in Coaching
Contracts in Coaching
Money in Coaching
Emotions in Coaching
Violence in Coaching Codes in Coaching

With the contributions from:

Geoff Abbott, Gilles Amado, Tatiana Bachkirova, CB Bowman, Maroussia Chanut, Natalie Cunningham, Florence Daumarie, Carlos Davidovich, Thomas Diamante, Daniel Doherty, Brenda Dooley, Alyssa Freas, Bob Garvey, David Gray, Theo Groot, Julian Humphreys, Kenneth Jorgensen, Konstantin Korotov, David Lane, Paul Lawrence, Clara Mandowsky, Ken Otter, Linda Page, Felipe Paiva, Alejandra Pallamar, Andie Pendel, Sybille Person, Olivier Plazza, Ana Pliopas, David Prior, Alison Pullen, Pascale Répécaud, Charline Russo, Scarlet Salman, Hany Shoukry, Melvin Smith, Deryk Stec, Paul Stokes, Mojdeh Tavanayan, Nadine Theimann Mendelek, Irina Todorova, Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Tony Zampella

This wonderful, ambitious book provides a much-needed insight into the complex and messy world of coaching. The real-life cases, explored through a critical and reflexive engagement with cutting-edge research, beautifully capture the fascinating power dynamics of coaching relationships.
Todd Bridgman, Associate Professor, Victoria University of Wellington and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Management Learning.Complex Situations in Coaching is a fine addition to the coaching literature, focusing on how coaches address pertinent challenges such as multiple agendas, contracts, emotions and even violence. It is a stimulating read, with the addition of some pithy reflexive questions to engage readers in probing their own responses to the challenges. The book definitely meets its claim to generate a “thought-provoking and multi-perspective journey”.
Elaine Cox, Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes UniversityAscoaching continuestomatureandevolve, webegintoseesomeauthorstacklehead-onthecomplexitiesofcoachinginorganisations. Thisbookcontains 20 case studies, depicting some of the common challenges faced by organisational coaches, each of which is then commented on by experienced coaches and coach educators. The book is an invaluable resource that coaches can use to reflect upon their own practice, alone, in supervision, or in a more structured learning environment. I will certainly use it with my students and supervisees.
Paul Lawrence, Principal, Centre for Coaching in OrganisationsThe authors present impactful cases on coaching. Indeed, the book is a relevant source to debate complex situations in coaching from the standpoint of world-class coaches and coaching scholars. It surely may foster dialogue to improve a critical way we teach coaching in business schools.
Fernanda Sauerbronn, Associate Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


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