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Knowing the impact of coaching is important to our clients, coachees, and to us.  For each coachee, we do a follow-up assessment asking their stakeholders to assess what the change in the coachee’s leadership has been over the course of the executive coaching engagement.  We present that information to the coachee and use it to devise a path for the future, for sustaining success.

Please see what our clients/coachees say about us.

On a broader scale, we want to know the impact of our coaching years later on the lives, careers and leadership behaviors of people we have coached.  To that end, we conduct research, asking former coachees both quantitative and qualitative questions.  We are pleased to present that research from 2011, 2015 and 2020 here.

In addition, from time to time, we are inspired to write up summary success stories.

Client Testimonials

What do our clients say about us? If you’re considering becoming a client, visit our testimonials page to see what Executive Coaching Network customers have to say about our services.

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Case Studies

Over 95% of those who have undergone executive coaching with Executive Coaching Network express higher satisfaction with their leadership and coaching effectiveness. Read their stories.

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Executive Coaching Research

Our impact research gauges the long-term impact of executive coaching and helps us further enhance our Strategic Executive Coaching and Strategic Team Coaching. Read the full reports.

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