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Deliberate Leadership: Tripling the Value

Robert B., a CEO in trust administration, loan management, and capital markets advisory services, attributes EXCN’s coaching to the successful spin-off of a company from its parent corporation.

The outcomes of Robert’s efforts are remarkable. “We launched and made a profit during a recession,” he notes. “By the end, we had tripled the business’s value. The coaching played a crucial role in guiding me through leading the company, turning market challenges into opportunities.”

Robert acknowledges that personally, EXCN’s Strategic Executive Coaching® “helped me gain the confidence to transition from CFO to CEO.” The coaching encouraged him to focus on his core strength: “Remaining calm and focused amidst chaos and uncertainties.”

Through Strategic Executive Coaching, Robert has honed his listening skills, becoming a more thoughtful and deliberate leader. He learned to appreciate and celebrate successes with his teams. “I realized that I wasn’t acknowledging successes, both personally and with my teams. Learning to appreciate successes and recognizing my teams and myself for jobs well done was crucial.”

He adopted a new approach, breaking the habit of answering questions prematurely and instead improved at asking questions. Moreover, he learned to redirect his mentoring efforts toward individuals committed to improvement rather than investing in those resistant to change.

Our coaching is customized to align with each executive’s learning style. For instance, Robert, who prefers learning through conversation and augmented experiences, received literature tailored to his key development areas. This allowed him to engage in meaningful discussions with his coach, effectively integrating the insights gained into his work.

A noteworthy outcome of our coaching is its role in enlightening executives about the significance of work/life balance for organizational success. Executives, guided by our coaching, achieve improved balance and equanimity in their lives. In Robert’s case, he has incorporated discussions on work/life balance into regular conversations with employees. “I monitor their health and family life to gauge stress levels, encouraging them to plan and take vacations. This has resulted in loyal employees and strengthened relationships.”

Robert attests to personal benefits, noting improvements in his health, self-esteem, and energy levels. Overall, the impact of Strategic Executive Coaching is evident in the transparency of communication within his team. “I continue to openly share my strengths and weaknesses, fostering confidence among team members to do the same. This adaptability has proven crucial in navigating the company through new situations and challenges.”

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