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Executive Coaching of C-Suite To Achieve Company’s Aggressive Growth Goal


Executive Coaching Network® (EXCN) was enlisted by an international telecommunications company, TeleCorp, to coach their top seven executives. The company, aspiring to be among the top 20 global telecommunications firms, aimed to become an employer of choice and maintain aggressive productivity goals. Recognizing the necessity for their executives to lead the development of their people, they engaged EXCN to provide coaching, Leader as Coach training, and initiate a coaching culture within the organization.


As a result of EXCN’s coaching intervention, TeleCorp’s executives dramatically improved their leadership and coaching skills, according to their colleagues and subordinates. Interviews about changes in the executives’ leadership subsequent to the completion of coaching revealed a litany of praise for the improvements of various leaders:

“He wants us all to be ready to meet the deadlines and handle the customers to ensure our success.”

“He became transparent, sharing thoughts, and taking advice.”

“He is a high-level coach now, leaving the implementation of ideas to his direct reports; this induces a spirit of motivation and creativity in his direct reports.”

“He is involved and shows a real interest in my personal development. Whenever we have discussions he has my best interest in mind even if it is stuff I don’t want to hear. He wants me to be the best I can be.”

Quantitative data also illustrate the executives’ improvement in leadership and coaching ability. Overall satisfaction with executives as leaders improved from 3.87 to 4.35 and satisfaction with leaders as coaches improved from 3.30 to 4.05 on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being highly satisfied).


Following EXCN’s rigorous Strategic Executive Coaching® process, objectives were established, perceptions were assessed, and confidential feedback reports were created for each executive. Action plans were developed, shared with direct reports, and modified based on feedback. Talking points were provided to ensure clear communication about plans, follow-up, and progress. The process concluded with in-depth individual sessions to ensure sustained success.


Key areas impacting performance improvement at TeleCorp included spending effective time with direct reports, genuine listening, seeking feedback and input, and proactively addressing performance issues.


In collaboration with TeleCorp, as with other clients, EXCN prioritizes coaching for tangible results. Practical capabilities learned through coaching translate into real-world improvements, embodying the principle: Results Matter; Leadership Counts®.

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