Leadership Effectiveness: Build An Open and Engaging Culture

Effective leaders demonstrate humility and ask questions. They set a tone for hard questions and respectful arguments about decisions, product development, and more. When a leader creates an environment where people are intimidated, afraid to ask questions, afraid to challenge decisions, and afraid to say what they need to be effective, the whole team suffers.…

Leadership Effectiveness: Do Your Employees Want To Unionize?

Are your employees interested in unionizing? If so, how do you feel about it? Companies that initially think of fighting their workers’ desire for unionization may be well served to assess themselves, rather than fight with their workforce. Does your senior management team consider employee demands for unionization as a wake-up call or the first salvo…

Leadership Effectiveness: Rational Onboarding

Leadership Effectiveness: Rational Onboarding

Onboarding a new team member while ensuring team performance requires following a good plan. Successful onboarding is a critical success factor for the business—in other words, intention, planning, candid dialogue, involvement of the team, and careful inquiry are critical to onboarding success. Many steps go into effective onboarding, and we have outlined some steps that…

Executive Vitality™: Are You Prepared For The Holiday Season?

Executive Vitality™: Are You Prepared For The Holiday Season?

For many, the holidays are right around the corner. With good planning, good preparation and realistic expectations, you can ensure your holiday experiences will be restorative rather than stressful. Here’s what we suggest to ensure positive experiences: Keep your expectations realistic. Control what you can. Keep meditating, exercising, and doing whatever you do all year…

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