Executive Coaching Network’s Results and Impact

Executive Coaching Network’s Results – Sampling

  • Executive coaching is credited as a major factor in bringing about the best business year ever.
  • 90% of executives and senior managers are now perceived as more effective leaders and coaches by direct reports and peers.
  • More than 95% of executives and senior managers state that they are more satisfied with their leadership and coaching effectiveness. They rank coaching from an external source as key to their success.
  • Executives who have gone through the EXCN process are much easier to work with, according to all direct reports and peers.

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Executive Coaching Network’s Impact – Examples

  • Improved effectiveness of executives and high-potential successors.
  • Major improvements in customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Key leadership practices aligned with each company’s vision, values, and strategy.
  • Development of a leadership brand for a spin-off from a parent company.
  • Significant positive behavioral change through facilitator-led workshops focused on leadership development.
  • Improved team effectiveness of key executives.

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Value of Executive Team Coaching

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