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Our coaching is tailored to each executive’s learning style. Robert feels he learns best when talking and experiencing is augmented by reading so we provided him with literature that focused on his key development areas. He then was able to discuss what he had read with his coach and could weave what he had learned into his work.

An added benefit of our coaching is that it helps executives understand how critical work/life balance is to the organization’s success and guides them in achieving more balance and equanimity in their own lives.

Robert now makes work/life balance a regular part of his conversations with employees. “I track their health and family life to understand where their stress levels are. I remind them to plan and take vacations. I have loyal employees and great relationships as a result.”

He finds that his own health has improved, as well as his self-esteem and his energy level.

Overall, as a result of Strategic Executive Coaching, “I continue to be transparent with my strengths and weaknesses with my team. It gives them the confidence to do the same with me” as everyone learns to adapt to the company’s new situations and meet new challenges.

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