The effect of the coaching on me as a leader was profound!

The effect of the coaching on me as a leader was profound! There were moments in that intervention where I finally realized I could make a big difference. My level of courage went up significantly. It was a particularly rewarding experience and I reflect so with confidence. I was not rewired, but it was a shaping process. It made me confident to stand up for what was right.

What would have happened to me if I didn’t go through the process? — My capacity to absorb ambiguity and respond flexibly to change was ratcheted up enormously. As a leader – to have confidence to make decisions without all the information and also absorb ambiguity and also to strive for better balance as an individual. If I didn’t go through the coaching with you – I would not have as much confidence or calm.

One positive was gaining the ability to have frank discussions. People became more comfortable with themselves and the dialogue become more open.

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