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Leaders and individuals determine an organization’s strength. When leadership and management are aligned and execute on a common strategy, business performance vaults ahead – potentially ahead of the competition. When an organization’s leadership defines and articulates its vision and values, a strong corporate culture emerges. This galvanizes teams to pull together. They start to recognize the potential of their resources, both human and organizational.

Strategic Organizational Coaching™

Frequently, even at senior levels, there is lack of awareness, or even disagreement, about the vision, strategy, values, and direction of the organization. In Executive Coaching Network, Inc.’s (EXCN’s) work with senior leaders and teams, we have seen this phenomenon surprisingly often. EXCN’s Strategic Organizational Coaching™ (SOC) aims to move an organization from where it is to where the leadership wants it to be.

The objectives of SOC are to help an organization’s leadership:

  • Align individuals and teams at all levels around the strategic vision and values.
  • Create common understanding of key factors that impact organizational effectiveness.
  • Prepare to address the challenges presented by a global economy.
  • Ramp up leadership effectiveness in multiple offices and geographic locations.
  • Improve communication company-wide.
  • Align recruitment and development to an organization’s objectives, strategy, and vision.

How can an organization’s leaders achieve a collective understanding of expectations, strategic direction, critical success factors, and the key organizational and leadership challenges they face? The first stage of EXCN’s Strategic Organizational Coaching is to conduct a Strategic Leadership Analysis (SLA), which is a fundamental step in bringing leaders onto the same page toward positive change, and improved performance and momentum. In a Strategic Leadership Analysis (SLA) conducted by EXCN, an organization’s leaders clarify their current leadership and strategic situation and, ultimately, determine the changes they need to make in order to achieve their vision and mission. The SLA identifies the current and desired future states for the organization and focuses on the leadership required to execute the strategy. The SLA is usually conducted via interviews and focus groups of senior executives and other leaders.

SLA deliverables form the foundation for Strategic Organizational Coaching and typically include:

  • Organizational values (creation, affirmation, or revamping),
  • Leadership and values assessments based on organizational leaders’ articulation of the “ideal leader,” and
  • A description of the changes needed to achieve the organization’s desired future state, improve its performance, and move forward to achieve strategic goals.

Next steps in SOC will depend on the outcomes of the SLA and could include coaching of individual executives (Strategic Executive Coaching®), coaching of senior teams (Strategic Team Coaching®), a Direct Report Delegate process, and more. This stage is followed by Sustaining Success. Strategic Organizational Coaching can be carried out at the organizational or unit level. Clients may elect to proceed with some or all parts of SOC.

Expected benefits and outcomes include:

  • Organizational alignment around core values.
  • Collective understanding of expectations, strategic direction, critical success factors, and key organizational and leadership challenges.
  • Development of a leadership culture of coaching and feedback.
  • Improved results through greater empowerment of people.
  • Sustainable leadership culture and performance.
  • Team and leadership performance powered by trust, open communication, and common vision resulting in the breakdown of silos that impede achievement of the organization’s strategic intention.
  • Vision, mission, and values revised or created.

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