Strategic Team Coaching®

The competitive landscape requires that teams be laser-focused and effective.

Executive Coaching Network (EXCN) helps identify the barriers to team success and accelerate meaningful change. Results may range from improved communication and morale, to greater productivity.

EXCN’s Strategic Team Coaching™ has been extremely impactful according to executive teams that have been coached.  What Executive Teams Say

In many organizations, we encounter situations where teams:

  • Function as a group, but not as a team
  • Have capable members, but are unsure of their direction
  • Want to achieve results more quickly

Both high-functioning and under-performing teams hire EXCN when:

  • They aren’t managing conflict effectively
  • Trust is an issue
  • Members want to challenge one another constructively
  • There is a new leader

EXCN builds team awareness through team assessments and feedback, as well as through structured exercises. Team members begin to understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Other barriers hindering the team are identified. Authentic change unfolds in a safe, controlled environment. Team performance reaches higher levels, with improved collaboration.

Learn more about some of the common challenges teams face.
Team Development - Challenges Requiring Strategic Team Coaching

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