Unique Coaching Model

Many others approach executive coaching by focusing on the behaviors and traits of individual managers. EXCN delves deeper. We start with the organization’s values, mission, and goals. EXCN then helps executives to align the behavior and performance that best serves the company’s needs.

Strategic Executive Coaching® has proven effective for more than 15 years, since inception. We have utilized it in successful engagements with numerous clients spanning diverse industries around the world.

Strategic Executive Coaching® involves three phases:
1Contracting and Leadership Analysis is the foundation. It includes establishing objectives, then assessing the behavior of leaders relative to these objectives. Customized assessment tools, confidential feedback interviews, and collaboration among client representatives and coaches are the methods used in this phase.

2Action Planning and Active Learning. In this phase, coach and executive develop action plans for improving leadership behavior. Ongoing coaching sessions over several months support leaders in leveraging strengths and identifying alternative behaviors that enhance their effectiveness and impact.

3Follow-Up and Sustaining Success. Brief interviews with peers, direct reports, and supervisors help measure the impact of coaching on a leader’s behavior and effectiveness. Together with the client, EXCN builds an infrastructure of accountability and monitoring to ensure continual success and growth.

Research shows that follow-up is a major factor in producing positive, long-term behavioral change. EXCN provides this continuous follow-up for clients.

Strategic Leadership Development
The performance of CEOs and executive teams is a key driver of an organization’s success. EXCN’s Strategic Leadership Development (SLD) helps leaders create a values-based environment where people can perform to their full potential. This integrated process uses feedback and coaching to empower leaders to:

  • Align individuals and teams to a strategic vision.
  • Build awareness of key factors impacting the organization’s effectiveness.
  • Create a culture of candor, trust, transparency, accountability, and performance.
  • Become nimble, adaptable, and responsive leaders.

Strategic Leadership Development can be conducted at the organizational or departmental level.
Clients may choose from one or more phases of SLD:

  • Strategic Leadership Audit (SLA) provides a comprehensive analysis of the current leadership and situation. This phase identifies changes needed to improve performance.
  • Leadership Development Program designs and implements an integrated strategy addressing the results of the SLA analysis.
  • Follow-up and Sustainability. Sustaining success is a fixed, formal process of SLD. EXCN works with clients in determining the best methods for maintaining improvements, far into the future.

Effective leaders align values, people, and performance.

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