Vision and Values

EXCN believes that long-term profitability and prosperity are inextricably tied to an organization’s commitment to people and performance. Below you can read more about our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Mission
To optimize organizational performance by maximizing the effectiveness of leaders and leadership teams.

Our Vision
To be the most trusted partner in achieving peak leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.

Our Values

  • Act with Integrity — We are uncompromising in our commitment to the highest standards. We only accept assignments when we know we can deliver value. We engage with authenticity.
  • Collaborate as Partners — We promote candid conversations with our clients and among ourselves to achieve success. We contract carefully so that all parties understand our mutual accountabilities.
  • Work Without Borders — Our organization is flexible, accessible, global, and innovative. We are not influenced by hierarchy or status.
  • Enjoy What We Do — We collaborate with enthusiasm, confidence, and commitment. We invest ourselves in our work and have a passion for all we do. We constantly look for ways to provide more than expected.

Our Philosophy
The long-term profitability and growth of every organization is inextricably linked to the effectiveness of its leaders. Through the Power of Leadership®, leaders create a values-based environment where people perform to their full potential and maximize their contributions to the organization’s mission and vision.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Acquire and grow relationships with executives committed to addressing leadership challenges and sustaining growth, thereby fostering a continuing seamless business relationship and adding significant and measurable value to the organization.
  • Inspire leadership by delivering values-driven Strategic Executive Coaching® and Strategic Team Coaching®.
  • Work with C-suite executives and high-potentials so that they achieve success and work toward achieving greater executive vitality and happiness.
  • Ensure the vitality of leadership teams we serve so that they can build a culture that creates value for their customers and esteems their employees.
  • Continuously enhance the expertise of our talented, passionate, and consistently effective core group of coaches and Executive Operating Team to deliver outstanding service to clients.

We are dedicated to helping organizations create advantages by achieving intentional leadership, team alignment, executive team accountability and performance, organizational alignment, and robust and fruitful culture. Finally, our commitment to a rigorous process ensures accountability and sustainable results.

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